System-User Roles

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System-User Roles (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of the Middleware Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNM Cabin. This lesson belongs to the Introduction to CNM Cloud session of EmployableU Foundation.


The predecessor lectio is User Identities at Cloud.


WorldOpp Middleware controls your access to various resources such as applications, networks, and services. You have started here, at CNMCyber, as a newbie with minimal rights. The more you learn here, the more system access permissions the Middleware grants.
To accomplish that task, the Middleware assigns every user with his or her system-user role. For instance, any user of the World Wide Web has NetAnyone's rights at CNM Cloud. He or she can view pages of CNM Page, CNM Tube, and CNM Wiki, but cannot edit anything. CertStudents are enrolled into this very welcome course, as well as can post comments on CNM Page and CNM Tube. CertUser can join communities at CNM Social, and so on. To get the CertUser role, one has to successfully pass EmployableU Foundation.
Some permissions such as appointing other administrators and alternating the algorithms must be done manually. The bulk of user permissions at CNM Cloud are granted automatically. In cyber-security, user management operations are called identity and access management (IAM).

Key terms

System-user role, NetAnyone, CertStudent, CertUser, CertFellow, identity and access management (IAM)


Would you be interested in working on identity and access management (IAM) at CNMCyber? --Yes/No/I'd like to explore other options too

Federated vs Local Roles is the successor lectio.


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