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A CNM app (also known as CNM application; hereinafter, the App) is either software or one installed instance of that software that present one or more end-user applications of the CNM Cloud that are configured to be delivered as one CNMCyber service.


The Apps can be differentiated with regard to types of their users:


To empower Careerprise contractors, CNM Cloud offers the following Apps:
The Apps for developers The App URL Description Primary software
Labware Lab Project management system, which enables development work and particularly includes help-desk software Redmine, Apache Subversion (SVN)


To empower knowledge management, backup, recovery, and quality assurance, CNM Cloud offers the following Apps:
The Apps for everyone The App URL Description Primary software
CNM Moodle Cert E-learning software, which enables learning process Moodle
Tubeware Tube Video-sharing software, which enables management of videos YouPHPTube
MediaWiki Wiki Knowledge management software, which enables knowledge management MediaWiki
CNM Jitsi Talk Webconferencing software, which enables digital meetings Jitsi
Middleware (its user interface) User interface of Opplet Written specifically for CNM Cloud using Yii
CNM WordPress Page Website, which officially represents Friends Of CNM in the World Wide Web WordPress
CNM HumHub Social Social networking software, which enables web-based social networks WordPress


To empower operations, CNM Cloud offers the following Apps:
The Apps for employees The App URL Description Primary software
Mailware Mail Email software, which enables emails Roundcube
CNM Odoo CNM Corp Enterprise resource planning software, which not only enables enterprise operations, but also empowers business intelligence and particularly includes customer relationship management software and help-desk software Odoo

Requirements for the Apps

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