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WorldOpp Fellowship (initially known as WorldOpp for the Vulnerable; hereinafter, the Program) is the workforce development program that CNMCyber Team and Friends Of CNM jointly design, produce, market, and/or deliver to the patrons of the Career Network Ministry (CNM) and worldwide.

The Program represents a bundle of Careerprise services. The participants of the Program start as CNMCyber Coordinators and later can be promoted to WorldOpp fellows (hereinafter, jointly, the Participants). The Program also features economic training and employment for vulnerable communities worldwide.


  • Helping anyone in war zones, at-risk areas, and economically-hurt regions to get employed.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to hire representatives of vulnerable communities.
  • Helping anyone for whom to find income is a significant challenge.

Target audiences

Target candidates

Those who are willing to go to a college to earn a 4-year or higher degree are proven to be the best target audience. Other target audiences are yet to be identified. Possibly, they include:
  1. Physically and/or mentally disabled;
  2. Crime and/or violence survivors;
  3. Orphans, widows, or widowers;
  4. Home-stay caregivers;
  5. Unemployed or underemployed in war zones, at-risk areas, and economically-hurt regions;
  6. Anyone for whom to secure long-term and meaningful income is a challenge.

Donated resources

Entrepreneurial fellowship, paid internships, stipends, computer devices, and startup funding are available for the Candidates at absolutely no cost.

Entrepreneurial fellowship

Main wikipage: Bracka Leadership Academy
Bracka Leadership Academy provides the Candidates with an introductory course for current and/or aspiring entrepreneurs, called Educaship Fellowship and related fellowship.
The course features self-paced learning, which is facilitated through available course materials, periodic videoconference meetings, and directed research. The results of this research shall be posted at this CNM Wiki.

Main wikipage: WorldOpp internship
A limited number of paid internships are available for the Candidates. They shall work on WorldOpp Project mostly using this CNM Wiki.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp stipend
A limited number of weekly stipends in the amount of an equivalent to fifteen American dollars in the local currency is awarded once a week and usually paid through PayPal to the best Candidates with regard to their academic success.

Computer devices

Main wikipage: WorldOpp computer
A limited number of used laptops and smartphones are available for the Candidates as WorldOpp computers.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp reimbursement
Friends Of CNM may reimburse all or some portion of Internet costs of the Candidates.

Startup funding

Main wikipage: WorldOpp grant
A limited number of WorldOpp grants as startup funding for those Candidates, who are capable to launch their own businesses, is granted every quarter.


Admissions to the Program are free and open to every graduate from CNMCyber Bootcamps.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Project

The development of the Program is conducted under WorldOpp Project.

The Program's Q&As

After the lessons, is there hope for employment?
There is always hope! Traditionally, Friends Of CNM extends job offers to 2 graduates out of 100 participants. We target that 3 more will start their enterprises. The others will get education and valuable experience not only at no cost, but also being paid.
How many students are we supposed to be? Is there room for more?
The Program depends on two sources of revenue: (a) recruiter fees from one venture capital group and (b) donors. In the worst case scenario, if Friends Of CNM secure no donor, the Program needs about 100 new participants each month in order to be financially sustainable.
How long am I supposed to take the lessons?
You are not supposed to do anything. If you don't enjoy being involved, any result is problematic.

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