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WorldOpp Fellow Staff (hereinafter, the Department) is the executive department of the Friends Of CNM. The Department (a) executes requirements of CNMCyber Team, (b) consists of WorldOpp fellows, (c) sponsors WorldOpp incubator, and (d) is overseen by CNM Cyber Community Board.


The Department:



Since its conception, the permanent staffers have been:
  • Gary Ihar, product owner for the CNM Cloud Project. Particularly, Gary drafts documentation in CNM Wiki on every software included into the CNM Cloud. Mr. Ihar also contributes to the front-end developments and contributed to the initial code for Opplet. When it is needed, Mr. Ihar serves as a project manager.
  • Romanof, PHP administrator. As of July of 2019, Romanof developed the overwhelming majority of the back-end of the CNM Cloud. Romanof also documents his work using Fixett.
  • Natly, vendor liaison, developer, and potential project manager.
Friends Of CNM is hiring its CNMC Executive Administrator to discover, analyze, design, and implement its activities.


Friends Of CNM is hiring six contractors:
Vacancy Administers Owns
Event Admin Public events of Friends Of CNM,, Eventtune Opplet
DevOps Admin Operations of WorldOpp Project, Fixett CNM Labware
Outreach Admin Two outreach meetup groups of Friends Of CNM, CNM Page CNM Pageware
WorldOpp fellow CNM Cloud Project CNM Farms
Resource Admin Development of resource administration, CNM Cert CNM Certware
Knowledge Admin Development of concepts for CNM Cloud Project, CNM Wiki CNM MediaWiki

Workforce strategy

  1. Six of contractors are to be hired first of all.
  2. CNMC Executive Administrator is to be hired out of the first six hires.
  3. One of the essential objectives for the executive officer-to-be-hired is creating the base for the contractors to be eventually hired as employees.
  4. Initially, staffers of the Department shall be hired before learners of an WorldOpp incubator, but later the Incubator should serve as a primary source for the Department's hiring as the Department starts serving as a recruiting pipeline.

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