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The Workforce Services (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the lesson of CNMCyber that introduces its participants to types of services and assistance for workforce. The Lesson belongs to the Introduction to Careers session of EmployableU Foundation.

The Lesson is made up of three lectios. At CNMCyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Job Market Essentials.


Workforce Services
Lectios # Referred topics
Career Services 1 Workforce service, employment placement (job placement), career service, workforce service provider, job club, government employment office, employer-assisted development, guild
Mentor vs Job Coach 2 Career counselor, job coach, employment consultant, mentor
Integrated Career Supports 3 Integrated career support, integrating, supported employment


The successor lesson is Education Essentials.

2019 Service Providers presentation

The video of the presentation is published on (9:16). Here is its full text.


Welcome to Workforce Services. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a look at those entities that provide workforce with services. Let's do that.

What workforce service providers do

Work Force Service Provider is any provider for work force services. Work force service consequently is any service related to work force development, recruitment and carrier administration. Work force development includes education but in this lecture we will not touch education since it`s a topic in the next lecture and also we covered recruitment so now we are focusing on carrier administration services.

Career counselors

We will look at several examples of carrier service providers starting with carrier councilor, a carrier councilor is a practitioner who gives advice on the particular occupation or industry using counseling techniques. Job coach is a practitioner who guides employment candidates through a process of landing employment often without any industry and or occupational expertise in the candidates areas of interest.

Employment consultants

Employment consultant is a practitioner who provides expert advice in his/her particular area of job market and or workforce services. Here we can see that the scope of any of those service providers is limited by their occupational and/or industry expertise. So, let’s say carrier councilor can use wonderfully, professionally offer counseling techniques but if this councilor doesn`t know about an occupation, this councilor is not really helpful. This is not to say they are not helpful at all; they are but the goal is to know what particularly they do not to have distorted expectations.

Job clubs

Going further, Job clubs. This is a non-profit group that performs as a work force service provider. Usually job clubs don`t charge anything and a very good example is the Carrier Network Ministry (CNM), it`s an organization which basically we are serving. And it consequently serves it`s patrons. If I click on the video which they posted for their services, I can see that if you go every Tuesday night in Virginia, you can see many people, many volunteer, it`s about a hundred volunteers who will be helpful, who will try to help people with job search and resumes and interviewing skills and letter page and you name it, so here we go about job clubs.

Government offices

Government employment office, in many respects is the biggest carrier service provider, in at least let’s say Virginia. It serves both, it offers different workshops, it can provide you with the feedback but often it also serves as an employment agency. It may match you with a particular employer in many cases.

Personal BODs

The most efficient and effective I would say in some cases can be professional BOD. BOD stands for Board of Directors. Similarly, to board of director’s incorporations personal BOD is basically key of your stake holders. Someone who has a stake in your life or professional life. It can be relatives, it can be your significant ones, it can possibly be your friends or co-mates, class mates, someone who cares. Someone who really is interested in your case. For instance, let’s take a job club, which can be helpful but at the same time, the job club will not write your resume or submit your resume or move this resume to a short stack or for a recruiter to be interviewed or to take a closer look. They are helpful in their own sense but at the same time they are more like a board rather than someone who will take the connection on your behalf. They will not.

Navigating service providers

In the picture under work force service providers may be helpful in regard to understanding where different service providers are at what stage. At the top it`s action team board, someone who can be helpful or who can suggest good actions. On the bottom it`s sounding board for decisions. Someone who gives you advice but at the end of the day you need to make a decision.
On the right, it's service provider as subject matter expert and on the left its administrative service provider. It`s more like to help you to navigate this enterprise which once again a job search is an enterprise. Of course this table is not perfect and if you are looking for a job via carrier coach, so coach will not be in the left level corner. It will be vice versa because in this case carrier coach will know how to land his/her job clearly.
Consultant has kind of the biggest subject matter expert, of course you can be lucky if some of your personal board of directors has an expertise as a consultant, who can work as your personal consultant. It can be the best case scenario or as your mentor or your trainer. The same time, in many cases that`s not the case. You need to be your consultant; you need to find someone who will consult you or mentor you or you can hire someone who can help you to navigate through the process. Here I also mentioned employers. An employer is probably like even bigger that government employment office with regard to work force services, the only thing that an employer will work mostly for their own organization interest or benefit, but many employers provide employees especially new employees with mentors or someone who possess a certain area of expertise or who is willing to share this expertise with another person or persons who are willing to learn from the mentor. Here we can say that the mentor shouldn’t necessarily be a part of your employer, once again you can find a mentor in just outside your organization. Many employers have this practice, to sign a mentor especially to a new employee.


This concludes the Workforce Services presentation. We have defined workforce service providers and taken a look at some of them including career counselors, job coaches, employment consultants, job clubs, government employment offices, and, of course employers themselves. Special considerations were given to personal BODs as, often, the most efficient tools that employment candidates can use. Another special stop was made by the role of a mentor particularly at the workspace. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to Education Essentials.