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Worker Performance Tests (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the second lesson part of the Applicant Selections lesson that introduces its participants to employment and related topics.

This lesson belongs to the Introduction to Recruitment session of EmployableU Concepts.


The predecessor lectio is Competence Assessments.


In a worker performance test, a testee performs rather than answers the questions of evaluators.
A work sample test is hands-on simulation of part or all of the work that job applicants for routine jobs must perform. The employment candidate is expected to exhibit a sample of behavior that can be used to predict future performance in similar work situations. Its result is an employment credential that provides information relating to skills that may be difficult to assess in other ways.
A work sample test is also called a work simulation or, simply, work test.
A critical incident is a way of evaluating the behaviors that are key in making the difference between executing a job effectively and executing it ineffectively.
A realistic job preview is a substantive selection test that is a job tryout to assess talent versus experience. On the other side, this preview provides both positive and negative information about the job and the employer.
A situational judgment test is about performance despite the fact that this test includes questions and answers. In this test, job applicants are asked how they would perform in a variety of job situations; the answers are then compared to the answers of high-performing employees.
Not every employer can accommodate or choose to accommodate performance and other competence assessments, especially complex ones. An assessment center is an off-site place where employment candidates are given a set of activities, especially performance simulation tests designed to evaluate their c-level executive potential.
Those temp agencies that specialize in accounting and office administration regularly setup their in-house computer-based assessment facilities.

Key terms

Worker performance test, critical incident, situational judgment test, work sample test (work test, work simulation), realistic job preview, assessment center


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Selection Phases is the successor lectio.


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