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What the Office Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the third lesson part of the CNMCT Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNMCyber Team. This lesson belongs to WorldOpp Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is What Tech Board Is.

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The CNM Cyber Office is the virtual place where the staffers of CNMCyber Team work. These staffers may or may not be experts at their field of professional interests.
The hiring process of new staffers may look like the opposite to the casual workplace. Usually, an employer identifies an employment vacancy and fills in this vacancy with an employee, whose employment credentials match or exceed the position requirements.
The CNM Cyber Office has no vacancies; each of its positions are crafted specifically for their occupants. Once again, the Team doesn't fill in positions; it creates its positions to reflect the staffers' needs.
If you are interested in becoming a staffer at the Office, your position needs to be created to address your needs.
All the staffers must start out as CNMCyber Coordinators. When you are in CNMCyber Taskforce, you will be asked to describe your target industry and other requirements. When your new position is finalized, the CNM Technology Board will match you with your mentor.
Since 2012, this Office has proved itself to be an effective place for someone who needs to gain valuable professional experience to transition to the information technology industry. So far, all, 100%, of those who started working at this office as its IT staffers have landed meaningful jobs in that industry within 3 years.
If you don't have any specific vacancy in mind, you will be offered to follow paths of WorldOpp fellows while being a part of the Office.

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Do you need to add work experience at CNM Cyber in order to achieve your career goals? – Yes/No/Maybe

What the Taskforce Is is the successor lectio.



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