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What the Foundation Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the first lesson part of the Beyond the Session lesson that introduces its participants to EmployableU Foundation. This lesson belongs to WorldOpp Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is What CNM Resources Are.


EmployableU Foundation is the course that has been created to prepare you as a Certified CNM Cyber User.
The Foundation is made up of nine sessions combined in two modules.
The first module includes 4 sessions that address general career topics. These topics are employment, recruitment, career administration, and education. CNMCyber Team believes that, first of all, you shall know why you may need CNMCyber.
The last module includes 5 sessions that describes CNM Cloud and every CNMCyber service in details. Separate lessons are dedicated to CNM Cabin, CNM Cert, CNM Lab, CNM Social, CNM Tube, and CNM Wiki. Based on that part, you are expected to learn how to use CNMCyber.
With regard to its learning activities, this very WorldOpp Orientation, which you are currently in, mimics the Foundation. The scale is the most notable difference; the Foundation includes 9 sessions, while the Welcome Session is only one.
In addition, the Foundation features its optional course forum. The forum is available as soon as you enroll and stays open until you complete the course. Please use the forum to connect with human beings -- ask any questions at any time.

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EmployableU Foundation


Would you be interested in becoming a Certified CNM Cyber User? Yes/No/Maybe

CNMCyber Events is the successor lectio.


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