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What Tech Board Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the second lesson part of the CNMCT Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNMCyber Team. This lesson belongs to WorldOpp Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is What the Team Is.

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The CNM Technology Board is a group of professionals who jointly define the strategy of CNMCyber Team and supervise those activities that involve the technology. The members of the Board have held senior-level positions in the information technology industry, which groups those entities that design, produce, market, and/or serve computing, networking, software and/or other devices and equipment to manage data and information.
The strategy refers to plans of action and policies created to achieve the major goal of the Team, which is to design and sustain CNMCyber.
First of all, the Board determines what software shall power CNMCyber. This software includes software applications and computing servers. The entire combination of this software is called CNM Cloud.
Second, the Board approves or disapproves any changes in the Team's structure. That includes changes in the Team's personnel and, equally importantly, assigning mentors from the CNM Cyber Corps to inexperienced staffers in the CNM Cyber Office.
The Board members usually gather bi-weekly; their meeting is conducted remotely through CNM Talk. If you are a professional, preferably, with executive experience, in the information technology industry, you are welcome to indicate your availability. No application exists; the Board membership is invitation-only.
The Technology Board defines neither the portfolio of CNMCyber services to be designed, created, sustained, and/or retired nor the policies that regulate the content of those services. Those are areas of responsibility of the CNM Cyber Community Board, which is a special community that is powered by CNM Social.

Key terms

CNM Technology Board, strategy, information technology industry


Have you ever served as a Chief Technology Officer or other c-level roles in IT? – Yes/No/Let’s move on for now

What the Office Is is the successor lectio.


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