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What CNM Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the first lesson part of the CNM Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to the Career Network Ministry (CNM). This lesson belongs to the CNM Cyber Welcome Session.


The predecessor lectio is What the Taskforce Is.


The Career Network Ministry, which is also known by its acronym CNM, is a non-profit group in Northern Virginia. The goal of this group is to provide caring support to individuals during career transitions.
CNM welcomes everyone to take full advantage of its services. CNM serves people from any or no faith, with any or no income, with any or no affiliation, etc. Volunteers drive CNM. All of its services are delivered free-of-charge to all the recipients.
CNM was created in the mid-1990s. In September of 2010, the Secretary of the United States Department of Labor, Ms. Hilda Solis, visited CNM and delivered her remarks. As of October of 2020, the CNM Meetup Group had 9,700+ members and CNM LinkedIn Group had 5,200+.
Several teams of CNM volunteers make up the Ministry. They serve the Ministry's mission to encourage, equip and empower individuals for their career journey. Bob Korzeniewski is in charge of its leadership team.
Gary Ihar has been leading the CNM Cyber Team since its creation in March of 2011. This team creation was inspired by Mallard Owen, at that time, a member of the leadership team.

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