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What CNM Cyber Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of the CNM Cyber Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNM Cyber. This lesson belongs to the Introduction to CNM Cyber session of the CNM Cyber Orientation.


This lectio's predecessor is Workforce Developers.


CNM is the acronym for Career Network Ministry. CNM Cyber is the collection of career services that a group of volunteers called CNM Cyber Team delivers to the general public. All CNM Cyber services are brought to you at absolutely no cost.
CNM Cyber is free because the Team's volunteers contribute their time; the donors such as Friends Of CNM cover all of the other expenses.
The services are designed to assist those who are on the job market, are going to be, or would like to be. Various services of CNM Cyber can function separately as standalone ones. Together, they are created to increase your employability, job satisfaction, job security, social networks and connections, as well as benefits and paychecks.
Dozens of CNM apps and other software systems power web-based services; web-based means that these services are available on the Internet.
However, CNM Cyber is not just software. People of the CNM Cyber Workforce stand behind it. These people add their personal touch to the software-powered services, as well as deliver select services in person.
The CNM Cyber Team is the heart of the Workforce. The Team designs CNM Cyber and oversees its operations. The rest of the Workforce are partners and contractors whom the Team hires to implement the Team's requirements.

Key terms

CNM Cyber


Which statement below is correct:
  1. CNM Cyber offers career services to those who are on the job market.
  2. CNM Cyber offers career services to those who are going to be on the job market.
  3. CNM Cyber offers career services to those who would like to be on the job market.
  4. All of the other substantive answers are correct.
  5. None of the other answers is correct.

What CNM Cyber Can is the successor lectio.


Placement entrance exam

Every statement below is split into one true and one false question in the actual exam.
  1. CNM Cyber is (not) a learning management system.