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What CNM Cloud Is (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of the CNM Cloud Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to CNM Cloud. This lesson belongs to the Introduction to CNM Cloud session of the CNM Cyber Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is Privacy at CNM Cyber.


CNM Cloud is the information technology that integrates those software systems that power CNM Cyber.
CNM Cyber and CNM Cloud are different phenomena. CNM Cloud provides CNM Cyber with the software systems. CNM Cyber delivers those systems as services to its end-users like you. If CNM Cyber and CNM Cloud were companies, we would call CNM Cyber a service provider and CNM Cloud that provider's supplier.
CNM Cyber relies not only on CNM Cloud; some of CNM Cyber services are delivered by the volunteers, who are human beings, as well as by social media and those Careerprise partners, who use software other than CNM Cloud. So, we cannot say that CNM Cloud includes CNM Cyber.
Vice versa, we cannot say that CNM Cyber includes CNM Cloud because some software systems of CNM Cloud such as WorldOpp Middleware are used beyond CNM Cyber.
Simply put, CNM Cloud is the information technology behind CNM Cyber that powers CNM Cyber suites, which are those CNM Cyber services that are based on computers. Powering CNM Cyber is the principal, but not the only, function of CNM Cloud.

Key terms

CNM Cloud, end-user application


Which statement below is correct:
  1. CNM Cloud is the information technology that powers CNM Cyber.
  2. CNM Cloud integrates the systems of CNM Cyber and the servers that provide functionality for these systems.
  3. CNM Cloud is based on the cloud.
  4. All of the other substantive answers are correct.
  5. None of the other answers is correct.

CNM Cloud Deployment is the successor lectio.


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