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Linux Services We Handle, You Grow


An Expert SysAdmin working for Servers Hosting Company for more than 6 years that specializes in giving Fully Managed Servers & VPSs Support to customers. Please find below the area of my expertise:

- Setup & Optimize Linux/Unix server(CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD) to handle high traffic sites sufficiently.

- Troubleshooting high load on the server.

- Optimization & Tweaking (Linux, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Mysql, Redis, Mongo, Apache, Wordpress, etc)

- Investigate Server's downtime.

- Investigate Hacked Machines in order to patch against malware & vulnerabilities.

- Mysql Replication based on Master-Slave or Master-Master solution.

- Setup high availability Clusters to route traffic to a different node when the primary goes down.

- Installing & Managing Control panels (Cpanel, VestaCP)

- Install & Optimize Linux Mail servers for productions

- Install & Optimize MongoDB for production.

- Install & Optimize Redis for production.

- Installing, Securing & Optimizing Nginx to handle c10K connections in production.

- Install & Optimize Relation DB PostgreSQL Server.

- Installing, Securing & Optimizing Memcache Daemon for production.

- Installing, Securing & Optimizing Cpanel / WHM.

- Install & Optimizing VestaCP control panel.

- Load-balancing requests on top of Nginx.

- Installing SSL Certificates for domains & sub-domains

- Backups / Restores of Databases & domains.

- Migrating Data / Websites to different nodes.

- Centralized Infrastructure monitoring to detect any critical issues before it catches the user/client's eye.

- Centralized Configuration Management based on Puppet.

- DNS server setup.

- Virtualization: OpenVZ, LXT, Proxmox

- GlusterFS

- Wowza Media Server

- Varnish

- Wordpress installation & Optimization less