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Aspirant experience design

Problem: EmployableU Foundation has about 85-90% of its completion. The further developments are needed in four areas:
  1. Everything that may bring the aspirants to the session;
  2. Improved content including texts, images, and videos;
  3. Excellent participant experience in graduation from the session;
  4. Marker for graduation from the session.
Sought solution: The solution shall represent well-organized course published on CNM Cert. Finally, its videos shall be published on YouTube and complete question bank shall be privately published on Fixett. During acceptance tests, the Customer shall be able to:
  1. Find all relevant information related to the session and the admission process;
  2. Pass the session while spending the minimal amount of time and having comfortable experience;
  3. Find all related contents at CNM Wiki, videos at YouTube, and question bank at Fixett;
  4. Make sure that CNM Cert marks the session as completed.
If any divergence is found, the test is considered being failed. If so, the contractor shall be financially liable for any additional test.

Survey Questions to consider

Session 0- Orientation Preview

  • Through the services of CNM, what would you like to achieve?
  • CNM offers a variety of Services, which of these services would you like to take advantage of?

Session 1- Introduction to Employment

Lectio 1-Employment Essentials

  • Have you ever been employed?
  • Are you currently employed?
  • As an employee, what was/is your major role?
  • Have you ever delivered a service or services as a contractor?
  • Between being an employee or a contractor, which of the two do you prefer?
  • Have you ever been self-employed?
  • Would you like to offer your services to CNM as a volunteer?

Lectio 2- Industries and Specialties

  • Between the two major aspects of the economy. Which are production and consumption, which of these do you impact more?
  • Which of the named economy sectors have you worked under?
  • Have you ever worked in any of the primary sectors of the economy, if yes, mention which sector between extraction from nature, renewal, and pre-processing?
  • Have you ever been involved in the extraction or renewal or pre-processing of raw materials?
  • If yes. Which raw material did you extract or renew or pre-process?
  • Do you still continue with this production, if not indicate reasons?
  • Have you ever worked in the quaternary sector?
  • Which industry have you ever worked in?
  • To which profession do you belong?
  • What is your current/previous occupation?

Lectio 3- Nature of Occupations

  • Which personality would you classify yourself in?
  • How would you classify your problem solving skills?
  • How would you classify your idea generation skills?
  • How would you rate your artistic capabilities?
  • Between working in environments where there is minimal interaction with people and an environment with maximum interaction with people which environment would you prefer?
  • Would you consider yourself as an entrepreneur?
  • Between a structured (daily routine) job and an unstructured job, which of the two do you prefer?
  • Which two set of dimensions would you prefer between: a. working ideas verses data and b. people verses things
  • What have you learned from this lesson?

Lectio 4- Work Environments

  • What is your ultimate motivation?
  • In a job there are five dimensions of motivation; which are skill varieties, task identities, task significance and autonomy and feedback. Which of these motivate you the most?
  • In job core dimensions, which of the core dimension would consider as key dimension for your ultimate performance in a job?
  • In the event that you are employed to work virtually, what would be your major challenge?

Lectio 5- Work Competences

  • Which of the three competency domains do you belong to?
  • What occupation are you competent in?
  • From your previous answer, which industry can you relate your competency?
  • Which of the following competencies do you posses?

a.) Administrative Competence b.) Operational Competence c.) Interpersonal Competence d.) Enterprise Competence

Session 2- Introduction to Recruitment

Lectio 1- Recruitment Essentials

  • How did you land your current/previous job?
  • Are you familiar with interviews?
  • Have you ever taken part in onboarding as a job recruitment process?

Lectio 2- Recruitment Needs

  • Which job needs do you think you satisfy, give reasons/reasons.
  • In your quest to search for employment, have you ever been a victim of credential creep?
  • Have you missed out on a job opportunity because of credential creep? if yes, state the qualification that you you lacked.
  • Briefly mention the KSA`s that you posses.

Lectio 3- Search for Job candidates

  • State methods that you use in your job search.

Lectio 3- Screening of job candidates

  • What screening process have you undergone in your search for employment?
  • Other than job interviews state any other screening tool that you know or have experienced.
  • In your job search, what skills would like to learn?

Lectio 4- Recruiter`s Essential

  • Have you used the services of a recruiter? What were the outcome?
  • Are you familiar with placement fee?

Session 3- Introduction to Careers

Lectio 1- Career Essentials

  • What do you prefer? Job under an employer or entrepreneurship?

Lectio 2- Career Endeavors

  • What would you prefer ? Career waterfall or Agile Job search?
  • Have you been successful in identifying your “vocation” clearly?
  • For your job search, would you like to have a one-on-one going through Agile job search map with CNM?
  • As a quick analysis, where do you think you are currently lying on Effectiveness vs Efficiency matrix?

Lectio 4- Employment Credentials

  • Have you ever been issued with a professional credential?

Lectio 5- Job Market Essentials

  • What would you prefer presenting your employer? Resume or Credential Portfolio?

Section 4- Introduction to Education

Lectio 1 - Education Essentials

  • Have you ever been unsuccessful in getting your desired job just because you were lacking in required formal education?

Lectio 2 - Educational Methods

  • Which educational method would you prefer for your learning activities at CNM?

Lectio 3 - Learning Management

  • How would you rate Learning Management system at CNM?

Lectio 5 - Certifications of Study

  • After completion of your learning activities at CNM, would you like to be awarded with an Educational credential by CNM?
  • Are you satisfied with the career advancement opportunities CNM offers?
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. I can't decide

Section 5- CNM Essentials

  • Are you satisfied with opportunities at CNM to apply your talents and expertise?
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. Not Completely / Netural Opinion
  • Are you satisfied with the job-related training CNM offers?
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. Not Completely / Netural Opinion
  • If interested, how would you like to offer your services to CNM?
  • Which CNMCyber service would you like to work at?