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General Q&As

What is meant by the term, CNM Cloud?
If you click on CNM Cloud (click here), the first sentence of that wikipage should contain a definition.
Mention and describe the major purpose of the CNM Cloud.
Services for patrons of Career Network Ministry are the primary purpose.
Give another name for CNM Farms.
Hardware and software that allow CNM apps working properly.
What does the CNM Farms consist of?
Several servers running on the cloud and WorldOpp Middleware.
Give the name of the operating system of CNM Farms.
Currently, Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64
What is meant by the term, end-user application?
An end-user application is a software application that functions are initiated by end-users rather than by another software application or algorithm.
Give one example of CNM end-user application software in each of the following categories: apps for developers, apps for everyone, apps for employees.
Here we go:
  • Careerprise contractors shall submit their works to the special storage and document in a corporate software application based on CNM Labware. Access to that application shall be strictly limited because of security concerns. Thus, CNM Labware is the only example of CNM app for developers.
  • You are reading these lines using another CNM app called CNM MediaWiki. That app is an example of CNM app for everyone.
  • WorldOpp fellows are both learners and employees. To report their hours of work and get paid, they shall use a special application called CNM Ventureware, which is an example of CNM app for employees.
Can I host and administer the CNM Cloud in my already existing platform given that my hosting services meet the CNM Cloud requirements?
Theoretically, yes; practically, no. As a team, we haven't yet fully recovered from the previous crash that occurred in 2016 and will be highly reluctant to switch from DigitalOcean to another hosting provider. Moreover, your offer shows that you are not ready to manage such a contract. As of 10/12/2018, the requirements you mentioned are at no more than 0.1% of readiness -- if you were ready, you would have noticed that. CNM Cloud is a combination of several software products such as CNM MediaWiki and we have no fully developed requirements for any of those parts. That is why the development of CNM Cloud requirements is not funded in the second phase of CNM Cloud Project. The third phase will be about CNM Ventureware and, possibly some other CNM apps, not the CNM Farms. In the fourth phase, we may just consider moving our technology to our own cloud facilities instead of hosting it somewhere else.