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Strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.


According to Management by Robbins and Coulter (14th edition),

Strategy. The plan for how the organization will do what it's in business to do, how it will compete successfully, and how it will attract and satisfy its customers in order to achieve its goals.

According to Marketing Management by Keller and Kotler (15th edition),

Strategy. A company's game plan for achieving its goals.

According to Managing Quality by Foster (6th edition),

Strategy. (1) The art of planning military operations; (2) what a firm does; (3) a firm's long-term plan for attaining objectives.

According to Juran's Quality Handbook by Defeo (7th edition),

Strategy. A defined plan, idea, or course of action regarding how an organization can outperform competitors or achieve similar objectives.

According to the BABOK Guide (3rd edition),

Strategy. A description of the chosen approach to apply the capabilities of an enterprise in order to reach a desired set of goals or objectives.

According to Looking Out, Looking In by Adler, Proctor (15th edition),

Strategy. A defense-arousing style of communication described by Gibb in which the sender tries to manipulate or deceive a receiver.

According to Cost Accounting by Horngren, Datar, Rajan (14th edition),

Strategy. Specifies how an organization matches its own capabilities with the opportunities in the marketplace to accomplish its objectives.

According to the Strategic Management by Parnell (4th edition),

Strategy. Top management's plans to attain outcomes consistent with the organization's mission and goals.

According to the HRBoK Guide,

Strategy. Plan of action. A plan of action that starts with examining the current state of an organization and then deciding how to achieve the best state for the organization's future.

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