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A landing page (alternatively known as a capture webpage, particularly known as website front page, lead capture page, homepage; hereinafter, the Page) a single webpage that welcomes a visitor to the website to which the Page belongs. The Page casually returns in response to user's clicking on a search result delivered by a web search engine, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement, as well as typing the website's hostname into web browser's address bar.

Any website has at least one, but can theoretically have many Pages. The Page that uploads when a user of the World Wide Web enters the URL of the highest hierarchy of a website in his or her web browser is called website front page, lead capture page, homepage (or, alternatively spelled, home page). If the Page is not specified, it assumes to be the homepage.


The Page is a vital sales driver. In a regular sales funnel, targeting resources like social media or online ads drive potential consumers to conversion resources with the goal to convert them, meaning their conversion from possible consumers to paying customers. The Page can possibly serve as a targeting resource and/or conversion resource.


The Page is one of the most important, and often the primary conversion resource of a website.


There are two major types of directing:
  1. If the Page haven't achieved the conversion, it may either direct potential consumers to other webpages or conversion resources such as face-to-face meetings. The Page statistics can also feed new marketing efforts of a possible seller.
  2. If point-of-sale resources of the website are located outside of the Page, the Page can direct the converted customers to those resources.


If targeting resources haven't filtered potential consumers out of all the visitors, the Page can possibly help accomplish that task.


Intro copy

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Although a product intro copy is a feature of a website and not only the Page, its importance for the Page can be crucial.


Loading speed


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Landing screen

Off-landing-screen transition



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