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The Introduction to Recruitment (hereinafter, the Session) is the learning session that has been created to introduce its participants to recruitment and related topics. The Session consists of five lessons, each of which is made of three to six lectios. At CNMCyber, a lectio is a lesson part.

The official version of the Session is published on CNM Cert. The Session materials are also published on CNM Tube, CNM Wiki, and various channels for marketing and convenience purposes.

The Session belongs to the Career-Overview Sessions of EmployableU Foundation.



The predecessor session is Introduction to Employment.


Introduction to Recruitment
# Lessons Lectios
1 Recruitment Essentials What Recruitment Is, What Employer Is, Workforce Dealers
2 Sourcing Essentials What Sourcing Is, Employment Vacancies, Position Requirements, Sourcing Strategies
3 Sought Competences Worker Competences, What KSA Is, Operational KSAs, Interpersonal KSAs, Enterprise KSAs
4 Applicant Selections Source Screenings, Competence Assessments, Worker Performance Tests, Selection Phases
5 Recruiters' Essentials Who Recruiters Are, Third-Party Recruiters, Employment Agencies, Recruiter Resources, Recruitment Fees


The successor session is Introduction to Careers.

2019 Preview

The video preview presentation, 1:43 minutes, is published on Here is its full text:

Introduction to Recruitment Preview. In the previous session which was introduction to employment, we discussed that employment consist of two parts. Employees and employers. Employees give their time and employers pay them money but the people who bring together employees and employment candidates and employers are recruiters, recruiters play a significant part in this process.

In this session we are going to review the recruitment process, we will go over rational acquisition model, we will discuss selection and how selection goes, like the selection process, we will review onboarding which brings new employees to the company, we will discuss statement of recruitment needs, we will talk about KSA`s which are knowledge skills and abilities, we will discuss funding potential candidates screening of those candidates and we will end with the services of recruiters including house hold recruitment and recruitment fees.

Hopefully we will be ready to jump to carrier administration as the successor lecture.

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