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The Introduction to Employment (hereinafter, the Session) is the learning session that has been created to introduce its participants to employment and related topics. The Session addresses general concepts of employment and how these concepts apply to CNMCyber work environment. The Session consists of five lessons, each of which is made of three to six lectios. At CNMCyber, a lectio is a lesson part.

The official version of the Session is published on CNM Cert. The Session materials are also published on CNM Tube, CNM Wiki, and various channels for marketing and convenience purposes.

The Session belongs to the Career-Overview Sessions of EmployableU Foundation. The Foundation is the second stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.



The predecessor session is WorldOpp Orientation.


Introduction to Employment
# Lessons Lectios
1 Employment Essentials What Employment Is, Work Sellers, Volunteer Workers, Student Workers, Employee Remunerations, Labor Relations
2 Industries and Specialties What Economy Is, Economy Segments, What Industry Is, Groupings of Employers, Professional Specialties
3 Nature of Occupations What Occupation Is, Personalities and Work, Occupational Interests, Core Occupations
4 Nature of Work Work Characteristics, Work Arrangements, Job Dimensions, Task Attributes, Workplace Conditions
5 Labor Regulations Labor Laws, Protected Groups, Who Whistleblower Is


The successor session is Introduction to Recruitment.

2019 Preview presentation

The video preview presentation, 1:11 minutes, is published on Here is its full text:

Preview of introduction to employment session. In employment session we will talk about employment in general, we will talk about different industries, we will touch a little bit labor law. Labor law can be a separate course, we will touch different employment roles including employees and private contractors, self-employed, apprentice and volunteers, we will talk and classify different occupations. We will discuss work environments including employment motivation model, job characteristics model. We will talk about task structures and we will end up with competencies needed at work including occupation-required competencies, industry related and we will end up with administrative competencies. Next we will go to Introduction to Recruitment as the successor session.

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