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The Introduction to Careers (hereinafter, the Session) is the learning session that has been created to introduce its participants to career administration and related topics. The Session consists of five lessons, each of which is made of three to six lectios. At CNMCyber, a lectio is a lesson part.

The official version of the Session is published on CNM Cert. The Session materials are also published on CNM Tube, CNM Wiki, and various channels for marketing and convenience purposes.

The Session belongs to the Career-Overview Sessions of EmployableU Foundation.



The predecessor session is Introduction to Recruitment.


Introduction to Careers
# Lessons Lectios
1 Career Essentials What Career Is, Career Levels, Career Changes, Career Effort Portfolios
2 Employability Essentials What Employability Is, Career Administrations, Value Propositions, Career Strategies
3 Career Endeavors What Career Endeavor Is, Career Waterfalls, Agile Career Projects, Job Search Map, Job Search Pivots
4 Employment Credentials Employee Qualifications, Third-Party Credentials, Professional Credentials, Licenses and Certificates
5 Job Market Essentials What Job Market Is, Job Market Trends, Job Market Resources, Job Applicant Assets, Professional Portfolios
6 Workforce Services Career Services, Mentor vs Job Coach, Integrated Career Supports


The successor session is Introduction to Education.

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The video preview presentation, 2:35 minutes, is published on Here is its full text:

Initially we looked at employment, we established that employment has two sides. Employers and employees and recruiters are people who match them. And so, in most cases recruiters are representatives of employers.

In the previous lecture we talked about recruiters and now we are going to look at the other side of it, Employment Candidates and what they can do in order to get employment. In this lecture we will go over carrier administration, we will talk about vocation, rational-carrier administration model and what can go on-on the talent level, on work service level and on the job market level because employment is a match between the market needs and talent offer.

We will talk about employment credentials, professional portfolio, different types of professional portfolios, third party credentials, professional credentials, like professional license or trade certificates and client feedback, professional recommendation.

After this we will discuss summary papers, documents like resume or professional bill, or list of key accomplishments and we will end with workforce service providers. In this lecture we will not touch education, because education is the next lecture.


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