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Introduction to CNMCyber (hereinafter, the Session) is the learning session that has been created to introduce its participants to CNMCyber. The Session consists of three lessons, each of which is made of three to five lesson parts, called lectios.

The official version of the Session is published on CNM Cert. Its materials are also published on CNM Page, CNM Tube, CNM Wiki, and various channels for marketing and convenience purposes.

The Session belongs to the CNM Cyber Sessions of EmployableU Foundation. The Foundation is the second stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.



The predecessor session is the Introduction to Education.


Introduction to CNMCyber
# Lessons Lectios
1 CNM Cyber Essentials What CNM Cyber Is, What CNM Cyber Can, What Cyber Can't, CNM Cyber Suites
2 WorldOpp Essentials Partners in CNM Cyber, WorldOpp Services, What Pipeline Is
3 Cyber Security Essentials What the Security Is, User Data in Cyber, Privacy at CNM Cyber


Introduction to CNM Cloud is the successor session.

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