Enterprise effort

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Enterprise effort (hereinafter, the Effort) is a determined attempt or a set of attempts undertaken by individuals, groups, and/or organizations in order to create or support some enterprise and/or its processes and/or to create its marketables and/or to contribute to their features.

Level of enterprise effort


  1. Job task. The lowest level of the Effort that
  2. Activity. The Effort undertaken as part of a process. An activity shall have its own name and description; most often, they have one or more predecessor activities and successor activities. Planned activities may have their expected input resources, process assets, time frames, and costs; completed activities may have their actual data. Activities may be subdivided into job tasks.
  3. Process.
  4. Project.
  5. Operations.
  6. Enterprise.
  7. Effort. The number of labor units required to complete an activity or other project element. Usually expressed as staff hours, staff days, or staff weeks. Should not be confused with duration.
  8. Level of effort (LOE). Support-type activity (e.g., vendor or customer liaison) that does not readily lend itself to measurement of discrete accomplishment. It is generally characterized by a uniform rate of activity over a period of time determined by the activities it supports.

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