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Enterprise is an undertaking to create something and/or develop somebody, which takes some level of enterprise effort. In other words, an enterprise is one or more businesses unified in one system.

An enterprise can also refer to an organizational unit, organization, or collection of organizations that share knowledge bases and other enterprise resources.


According to the BABOK Guide (3rd edition),

Enterprise. A system of one or more organizations and the solutions they use to pursue a shared set of common goals.

According to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook (4th edition),

Enterprise. A purposeful combination of interdependent resources that interact with each other to achieve buisness and operational goals (rebovich and White, 2011).

Career administration

Main wikipage: Careerprise

Discovering one's vocation, developing one's career, and/or landing one's job could be considered enterprises as well. Because of that, Friends Of CNM call their services Careerprise or a combination of career and enterprise.

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