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The Employment Credentials (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the lesson of CNMCyber that introduces its participants to employment credentials and related topics. The Lesson belongs to the Introduction to Careers session of EmployableU Foundation.

The Lesson is made up of four lectios. At CNMCyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Career Endeavors.


Employment Credentials
Lectios # Referred topics
Employee Qualifications 1 Employment credential, self-declared credential, work sample, earned-in-interview credential
Third-Party Credentials 2 Third-party credential, employment authorization, criminal record, drug test
Professional Credentials 3 Professional credential, professional award, profession-related performance, professional recommendation, client feedback, professional association membership
Licenses and Certificates 4 Professional license, trade certificate (professional certificate, professional designation)


The successor lesson is Job Market Essentials.

2019 Credentials presentation

The video of the presentation is published on https://youtu.be/BktQFe9j0Jk (10:00). Here is its full text.


Welcome to Employment Credentials. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a look at what may qualify one for working in a particular occupation and/or in particular industry. Let's start-off.

What an employment credential is

These are qualification, achievement, personal quality or aspect of a person`s background used to indicate a person`s suitability for employment. It can also be a document like a diploma or a good work sample so later we will talk about many credentials. For now, we look at self-declared credential, it`s a credential that has not been verified yet. Another good employment credential can be a work sample, which is some product of one’s performance intended to show his/her capacity especially as employment credential. I need to that in designer`s world, it`s often people use someone`s work samples. It makes sense to check whether this person really did this work or not.

Professional credentials

Some credentials are professional credentials; professional credential is employment credential that specifically refers to one’s professional capacity. Let`s start with the professional license, if you want to be a teacher in a public school in the United States or in Virginia, you most likely need to have a professional license which you are given by a specified government body. They will assess your education, your special classes and they will issue you with a professional license. Trade certificates are a little bit different, personally I am PMP certified, PMP stands for project management professional and this credential is issued by project management institute incorporated its headquarters are located in Pennsylvania. So they assessed my education, I passed their exam, they check my professional experience ant they issued this certificate. Work experience itself can be a professional credential as well as work test, or work sample test or work simulation, professional related performance, professional commendation and client feedback in some cases professional association membership. If you are a psychologist, make effort to be part of an American Psychology Association (APA).


This concludes the Employment Credentials presentation. We have defined employment credentials and taken a look at some of them including self-declared credentials and third-party credentials. Special considerations were given to professional credentials such as professional licenses, trade certificates, work experiences, work sample tests, and others. Quick stops were made by directories of credentials such as résumés, professional bios, and portfolios. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to Job Market Essentials.

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