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The Digital Transformations (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the primary learning activity of CNMCyber that introduces its participants to the development of CNMCyber. The Lesson belongs to the CNMC for Experience session of EmployableU Foundation.

The Lesson is made up of five lectios. At CNMCyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Cloud Next Essentials.


Digital Transformations
Lectios # Referred topics
CNM Cyber Projects 1 CNM Digital Transformation, CNM Cloud Project, CNM Cloud Minimal
What CNM Agile Is 2 CNM Agile
What the DevOps Is 3 DevOps, DevOps process, CNMCT DevOps process, DevOps toolchain, CNMCT DevOps toolchain, development hub, computer file (digital file)
What Requirements Are 4 Requirement, product epic, user story, requirements specification, CNM Cyber requirements, CNM Cloud requirements, single source of truth (SSOT), document


The successor lesson is CNMC Workforce Essentials.

2019 Development of WorldOpp presentation

The video of the presentation is published on (2:58). Here is its full text.

WorldOpp Project. An endeavor undertaken to create WorldOpp.
CNMCyber event. Any event designed and/or organized by one or more CNM Event Organizers that is absolutely free to its participants to attend.
CNM Cloud Project. The endeavor undertaken to provide the Career Network Ministry with CNM Cloud in order to deliver services of CNMCyber.
CNM Cloud requirements. Those requirements, both business and solution ones, that are valid for any part of CNM Cloud.


Welcome to Development of WorldOpp. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a look at the WorldOpp Project, which is an endeavor undertaken in order to create WorldOpp. Separate stops will be made at those events that are both related to that project and open to the general public. Let's shake it up.

What WorldOpp Project is

WorldOpp project is an endeavor undertaken to create an advanced WorldOpp, nothing is perfect and WorldOpp regards to the fact that it is in its seventh year of life right now as of January of 2019. The word WorldOpp emerged like two years ago, the program is older than its name and the most urgent need is probably which is the official website and this website yet needs to be designed yet we have many vendors who are available to develop it and the question is what will be written there, what should emerge there, what pages so design requirements this is the main tasks right now.

WorldOpp events

WorldOpp events is in some instruments to develop WorldOpp and WorldOpp events is any event designed, organized one or more WorldOpp events hosts that is absolutely free to its participants to attend. There are several types of WorldOpp events, here we will talk about three, first is WorldOpp prime table. If you are a part or a candidate or want to be a part at any time you are welcome to initaiate round table which woud be a discussion of Friends of CNM or brain storm solutions or to help in any how. CNM stand out is a little bit different from members of the team, employees like fellows but it should be available, open, most of these sessions. Not every but some of these sessions should be available for other to participate and to see what is going on and to ask questions which will be answered afterwards.
CNM Cyber seminar is any seminar which covers the topics of WorldOpp and which is free of charge.


This concludes the Development of WorldOpp presentation. We have defined WorldOpp Project and taken a look at the CNMCyber events associated with that including CNM Cyber roundtable, CNM Cyber standup, and CNM Cyber seminars. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to WorldOpp Team Essentials.