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Concept is an abstract idea or a vision; a general notion. In philosophy and psychology, a mental model of something. When being shortened from a concept vehicle and similar grammatical constructions, an experimental model produced in order to test the viability of new design features and to use in public relations.

Related concepts

  • Idea (from Greek idein meaning to see). A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action, as well as the aim or purpose of that course.
  • Vision (from Latin videre meaning to see; sometimes, referred as a big idea). The capacity or state of being capable to see a new product concept or a new way of living or doing business, or an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or hopeful thinking. When implemented, a vision could lead to disruptive innovation. In enterprise administration, a vision can also refer to a long-term strategy for attaining a goal or goals and be expressed in the vision statement.
  • Scenario. (1) An idea of what the future can possibly be; (2) An idea for a possible series of actions or tasks that respond to an event. Each scenario is an instance of a use case.

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