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Careerprise Literacy (hereinafter, the Welcome) is the service of Friends Of CNM that sources WorldOpp Fellow Candidates for the WorldOpp programme (hereinafter, the Programme). The Welcome is designed to find promising participants for the Programme and enable them to be admitted into that Programme through EmployableU Foundation.


The process consists of three phases, which address the following objectives:

# Phase Description Objective
1 Presence Through various channels such as events, websites including, social media, partners, contractors, and emails, promising participants are encouraged to enroll in EmployableU Foundation To offer promising participants to visit any CNM webpage.
2 Welcome Using CNM webpages, promising participants are encouraged to click on some Get employed button To get promising participants enrolled into the EmployableU Foundation course
3 Orientation Using EmployableU Foundation, promising participants get introduced to Careerprise and shall be able to select WorldOpp if this programme fits their needs To get promising participants enrolled into CNMCyber Bootcamps.

Marketing campaigns

Main wikipage: Careerprise Presence
The fellow applicants shall be sourced through various channels:
Category Channel Description Admissions
Events Undefined EmployableU Foundation
Websites A network of websites, which shall use SEO in order to be searchable and which will direct the interested in to the admission page; some meetup photos can be used.
Internal social media Undefined Social media such as WorldOpp fb-page tend to be a highly attractive source. An occasional posting of one announcement at the OFF Facebook group this generated a huge number of applicants; Some meetup photos can be used.
Freelance marketplaces Upwork This platform doesn't require payments, but Gary needed to pay thousands of dollars to the applicants. All in all, freelancers tend to work to earn money, not work to learn how to work
Fiverr This platform has similar potentials to Upwork
Learning platforms Udemy Hosting of some courses such as CNM Project Management Matriculation can possibly generate some applicants
Other public relations Career Network Ministry As a part of its leadership team, Gary distributed newsletters through and they generate some folks
Partner outreach Reach out to organizations that seek to improve lives of the vulnerable in society.
Email newsletters And other public relations campaigns.

Welcome Session

Main wikipage: WorldOpp Orientation
Using CNM Cyber Get-Started Clickable, promising participants shall be:
  1. Directed to WorldOpp Orientation. This course is published on CNM Cert; its preview and exam preparation lesson shall be posted at CNM Page.
  2. Upon the successful completion of the preview, prompted to create their temporary account.
  3. When the account is created, directed to the entrance exam.
Upon the successful passage of the entrance exam, the temporary accounts of the promising candidates shall become permanent ones. The candidates shall be promoted to the CertUser role and be able to enroll in EmployableU Foundation.

Qualifications of the candidates

There are no qualifications for applicants -- based on Gary's experience, every 12-y.o. can possibly make an average salary after 9 months training. Older candidates often loose their creativity, curiosity, and open mind. In his 5 years, Gary had just two success stories with 55+ y.o. candidates. Both were ladies and previously worked in senior positions in other than IT industries.

However, minor participants need to have parents' permission and/or anything else depending on local laws.

Independent (no-partner) sourcing

Core requirements:
  • Able to read and write.
  • Computer literate, he/she should be able to use a computer comfortably to perform a range of activities given a set of instructions.
  • Have access to a computer, which shouldn't be shared with anybody else, with a stable internet connection.
  • Enthusiastic about leaning new technology.
  • Not employed or finding it difficult to get employment.
  • Available for learning and working 40 hours in a week.
  • Able to learn and work with minimal supervision.
Preferred characteristics (though not required)
  • High school drop outs, girls forced to drop out of school due to early pregnancy, etc.
  • Physically challenged, e.g confined to a wheel chair.
  • Geographically positioned outside capital cities such as Nairobi in Kenya.

Partner-powered sourcing

The core requirements and preferred characteristics shall be discussed with the partner. The Friends Of CNM can possibly provide some funds for a publicly-accessible computer class, for instance.

Sourcing ideas


There are no specific locations. American candidates bring much more money, but marketing is far more expensive. At the moment, the Friends Of CNM also target areas outside the US with English as a primary language.

Personal sales

To approach partners with the partnership proposal for this program, Friends Of CNM may have it soft-copy send it via mail to the possible partners or have a hard copy printed out and we will be delighted to approach partners and deliver this personally to their offices give a brief introduction and background information about the project. We feel this approach is more expensive, but it may or may not bring out a greater response compared to mail.


Strategic partners

To develop the program, Friends Of CNM would like to partner with local organizations on the ground such as:
  1. Schools for the disabled;
  2. Government institutions and programs developed by the government to support the vulnerable and unemployed in the society.
  3. Children's homes.
  4. Non-governmental organizations that have the same initiative to support the unemployed get employment.
  5. Parastatals that have an initiative to support the vulnerable in the society such as Safaricom in Kenya that has Safaricom Foundations that supports the vulnerable, another on is Equity Bank in Kenya as well has Wings to Fly for students who pass but are not able to raise their tuition fee.
  6. Rescue centers for street children.
  7. Youth programs that are developed to help the young generation get employment.
  8. Religious institutions such as churches, mosques, synagogues, temples.
The idea is to get contacts of key people in these organizations, possibly prepare a brief partnership proposal that will be used to explain all the details of the WorldOpp, get them to sign a contract of some sort if needed.

Tactic partners

When the program is up and running, Friends Of CNM may look for tactic partners such as international donor organizations mostly to share information and, possibly, to coordinate the activities.


We want to start with planning on how we eliminate or lessen the challenges to our start up business.

  1. Since we want to lower the cost of sourcing, we want to know what are the current method of sourcing we have at the moment.
  2. Communication.
  3. How to increase the effectiveness of the pipeline meaning how to get more excellent graduates out of the applicants


Sourcing of potential candidates is an ongoing endeavor, which cannot be limited to the following channels and tools.


The potential candidates may be sourced through various channels such as:
  1. CNM Page.
  2. CNM meetings organized in Vienna, VA on Tuesday evenings.
  3. Partner meetup groups such as CNMCyber Meetup and other partners.
  4. Newsletters to patrons of CNM similar to Friends Of CNM newsletters.
  5. Personal networks of the Coords.


Handouts with the following text are periodically distributed at CNM meetings on Tuesday evenings:

Discover your career, build your credentials, and land your job in the IT field with CNM Cyber

What: The CNM Cyber Services team seeks its Cyber Project Coordinator.

What help is sought: An incumbent will coordinate various aspects of the project as required including meetings, announcements, introducing new team members, and documentation of CNM Technology Board Decisions.

Where and when: The bulk of the job can be done remotely, so this position can be virtual. The schedule can be flexible too. The time commitments start from 2 hours a week.

Who should consider:

Anyone who is motivated to learn Information Technology in order to obtain real IT skills and experience that can be put on the resume and used as a leverage for a new position in the information technology field.

This might be someone thinking of transitioning to IT or increasing their IT skills/knowledge that have been working in IT or someone interested in working in the roles that interface the business with IT such as a business analyst, project manager, product owner, etc.

No prior tech training is required in order to get started; vice versa, this opportunity could be considered as hands-on training. We need people with any type of skill set, but being motivated to learn new, open systems technology, is what we need the most. We can provide technical direction to anyone that is motivated.

How to join: If you are interested (or know of someone who may be interested or looking for a way to become more involved), please consider one or both options:

  1. Physically, the team organizes recruiting events usually in Vienna, VA on Tuesday evenings. You are welcome to check the tentative schedule at in order to RSVP.
  2. Virtual meetings may be scheduled upon your request -- please email your inquiry to Michael Confoy or Gary "Igor" Ihar at

About CNM Cyber Services: This team of the Career Network Ministry (CNM) intends to provide CNM with a bundle of online and onsite services collectively called CNM Cyber, which may include websites and video sharing resources, as well as customer relationship, project, learning, and enterprise management systems.

In marketing, the middle of the funnel (MoFu) shall (c) educate the "leads" in order to (d) make them "marketing-qualified leads" or "prospects". Careerprise Literacy shall present deals and address doubts related to the Role up to the level of willingness to land it.


Main wikipage: Careerprise conference