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Career Ladder at Cyber (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of the CNMC Workforce Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to the developers of CNM Cyber. This lesson belongs to the CNMC for Experience session of the CNM Cyber Orientation.


The predecessor lectio is Careerprise BizOpps.


A career ladder is a metaphor for job promotion. This promotion casually describes the upward career progression through career levels from entry-level jobs and up to higher levels of pay, skill, responsibility, or authority. In the real world, many paths start from no-pay job and up to small gigs, then to part-time, then to full-time. Concerning that description, the ladder at CNM Cyber is not a perfect ladder, because many participants normally land their jobs outside of CNM Cyber.
Nonetheless, some ladders exist. If you are interested in employment for the Friends Of CNM, for instance, you are beginning in your current status, which is an aspirant.
When you complete the CNM Cyber Placement, you can become a Fellow Candidate and can join the WorldOpp incubator. You are still not employed yet, but you can get a WorldOpp stipend to cover some expenses while learning. Your stipend will grow as your position grows.
When your skills are sufficient enough, you will become a WorldOpp fellow. This is a pre-entry-level job. From that, you would be able to move to your entry-level job and so on. Your compensation will grow again as your skill-set grows. You would exit the programme when you are meaningfully employed.
This is only one example of your possible career path at CNM Cyber. Everyone's situation is unique. The CNM Cyber Team hopes that CNM Cyber can be at least an important piece of your career puzzle.

Key terms

WorldOpp incubator, career ladder, WorldOpp fellow


Would you be interested in more information about a WorldOpp incubator? --Yes/No/I'm not sure

Vacancies at CNM Cyber is the successor lectio.


Placement entrance exam

Every statement below is split into one true and one false question in the actual exam.
"Incubator" questions:
  1. WorldOpp incubator is (not) the division of Friends Of CNM that helps aspiring candidates to become WorldOpp fellows.
  2. The WorldOpp incubator offers (or does not offer) stipends to WorldOpp Fellow Candidates.
  3. The WorldOpp incubator offers (or does not offer) just three stipends to WorldOpp Fellow Candidates.
  4. The WorldOpp incubator offers (or does not offer) just four stipends to WorldOpp Fellow Candidates.