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CNM Ventureware (hereinafter, the App) is the CNM app that is configured to power CNM Venture, VentureHandsOn, or VentureNext service of CNM Cyber. The App is based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) enterprise resource planning software (ERP software), Odoo. The App is a part of CNM Cloud.

The App not only enables enterprise operations, but also empowers business intelligence and particularly includes customer relationship management software and help-desk software. The App includes a website.

Technical characteristics


Main wikipage: Opplet role

Business functions

CertAdmin stories

In addition to CertBureaucrat's functions, any CertAdmin shall be able to:
  1. Read, delete/create, and edit:
    • Assignments for business, technical and top administration.
    • Corporate diary and calendar.
    • Customer profile notes.
  2. Read only:
    • Information on progress of different projects.
    • Financial statements.
    • CertFellow's time logs.
    • List of employees, vendors and partners.
    • Customer's feedbacks.


The App is an Odoo instance with several added apps that is run on the CNM Farms. The added apps include:

  1. Help-desk app;
  2. Recruitment app.


CNM app Available to:
Everyone Everyone registered Customer Student Partner or Vendor Employee Developer Admin
The App Partially Partially Partially Partially Partially Partially Partially Yes

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