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CNM Corp (previously known as CNM ERP, CNM Venture, and CNM Ventures; hereinafter, the Venture) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for one's enterprise operations such as market engagement management, including sales, customer support, procurement, recruitment, and business process management including manufacturing, asset management, project management, human resource management, and accounting, (b) the instance of CNM Odoo that is installed on CNM Bureau Farm, and (c) the enterprise resource planning ecosystem (ERP ecosystem) that CNMCyber Team delivers as a CNMCyber service.

The corporate instance of this service features three levels of accessibility:

  1. Sales and customer support are available to the general public. Through this Service, the Friends Of CNM is able to bring workforce services of the vetted providers. Every visitor called a NetAnyone can access the online store and ticket system;
  2. Procurement and recruitment are available to those users such as employment applicant and prospective vendors who have obtained the NetConsumer role;
  3. All other features are available to only those users who have obtained the CertFellow role and are responsible for the enterprise operations.


Target audiences

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:
  • Any NetAnyone shall be able to make purchases and/or donations at the store while using the public interface. In order to do that, a NetAnyone shall be able to view and search for items for sale. After the purchase, a NetAnyone shall be granted the CertUser role.
  • Any NetCustomer shall be able to access:
    1. All the details of one's order or orders.
    2. One's financial transactions from and to the Friends Of CNM.
  • Any CertFellow shall be able to access one's personal interface of the corporate portal.


The Venture is powered by CNM Odoo.

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