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CNM AVideo (formerly known as CNM Tubeware; hereinafter, the Soft) is a CNM stable app built with AVideo. Previously, several test videos were recorded and posted there, but their fate is currently unknown. At this moment, it is unclear where and how this app will be finally installed since its HA and storage solutions haven't been designed yet.

The Soft shall be configured to power CNM Tube, TubeHandsOn, or TubeNext service of CNMCyber. The App is based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) video-sharing software.


The App is a YouPHPTube instance that is run on the CNM Farms. GroovyMovy served as a prototype.


CNM app Available to:
Everyone Everyone registered Customer Student Partner or Vendor Employee Developer Admin
The App Partially Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Development of the Soft occurs under the AVideo for CNM Cloud project.

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