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CNM Tube (previously known as CNM Videos and CNM Video; hereinafter, the Tube) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for video sharing, tagging, categorizing, and sequencing, (b) the instance of CNM Tubeware that is installed on CNM EndUser Farm, and (c) the video-sharing system that the CNM Cyber Team delivers as a CNM Cyber service.

The Tube is open to the general public without authorization. The Friends Of CNM pays all the bills associated with the costs of both developing the Tube and keeping it up and running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Target audiences

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:
  • Any NetAnyone shall be able to view and search for videos while using the public interface.
  • Any CertUser shall be able to comment on videos.
  • Any CertAssociate shall be able to upload videos.
  • Any CertFellow shall be able to administer the Tube.

Problems to be solved

When you visit, you are getting to the site of our future services called CNM Tube. With regard to technology, it resembles YouTube since the software is very similar with the one that Youtube uses. The difference is that we are responsible for UX design and content of our service. That particularly means that have the fullest control over what videos are posted and how those videos can be viewed. We can also assign categories and sequences to adapt them better to our patrons' needs.

Imagine what we together can do with CNM Tube. We can post there the CNM orientation, seminar presentations, and event previews, streamline our events, etc. Currently, just a couple of test videos are published, but the technology is ready to be used and our video-sharing service is waiting for your help. Would you like to be a part of that change?

Our team is able to implement pretty much any requirement, but someone like you should envision how this service should look like. Who should be given rights to upload the videos? Comment on them? Should we need any adds? If so, what types of those adds be? Who would edit the videos? Oversee the content? Decide whether the videos should ever retire? Who should be able to delete or flag the videos? Is the current CNM Tube's logo good? If not, what should the logo be? How intellectual property issues shall be resolved? Should we ban anyone from commenting or posting? If so, how this ban should look like? Should any metrics like visits, views, clicks, etc. be collected? If so, which ones? Who and how would used them? And ... who shall formulate new questions to be addressed?

As a member of our future CNM Tube Taskforce, you are invited to get involved. And, by the way, you are invited to suggest a change of that tentative name for this body too.

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