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The CNM Registration Project is a project undertaken in order to create a process of registration of those patrons who attend CNM events on Tuesday evenings.

User stories

Initial online interaction (draft)

As someone who attends CNM events for the first time, I shall:
  1. Be offered to (a) scan a QR code, (b) type an URL in my device's web browser, or (c) download a mobile phone app and:
  2. Get to the registration form and fill in the following fields:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number (cell preferred)
  3. Select Yes or No for a question Attend MBC?
  4. Read that,

    CNM doesn't share with or sell your data to any other organizations.

  5. Click on a Submit button and automatically receive a link to the main registration form.

Second online interaction (raw draft)

The main registration form shall display the following:

Thank you for your interest in CNM. Please provide the following information, so we will be able to serve you better:

  • Your ZIP Code
  • SIC
  • Select Areas of the Field(s) of Interests from the list: Accounting, Communications, Customer support, Executive Director / CEO, Hospitality / Tourism, Legal, Administrative / Clerical Support, Public Relations, Development & Foundation, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Account Executive, Consulting Services, Education / Training, Government Relations, International, Meeting & Events Management, Undecided.
  • Fill in the Nominate field if some field of interests is missing.

Onsite interaction (ready for the backlog)

The requirements below are believed to be ready for the product backlog and are waiting for the approval of the product owner. The other requirements related to CNM Cyber are published at the CNM Cyber requirements and related wikipages.
As someone who attends CNM events for the first time, I shall:
  1. Be offered to click on the registration icon on the device available at the registration table and:
  2. Get to the registration form that states:

    Thank you for your interest in CNM. We don't share with or sell your data to any other organizations. Please provide the following information, so we will be able to serve you better:

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number (cell preferred)
    • Your ZIP Code
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Meetup profile
  3. Select Yes or No for a question Attend MBC?
  4. Read,

    Please review and sign the following agreement (we will also send it to the email address you entered):

    • CNM Purpose: The Career Network Ministry provides ministry to persons who need employment or who are considering possible career change. It provides three aspects of ministry:
      1. Career Network Support Group (where participants exchange support, networking ideas and prayer support among others, and with each other).
      2. Consultation regarding career search skill development (resumes, the internet, searching career websites, how to network, personal marketing, interviewing, among others).
      3. Career exploration and assessment including consultation regarding selection of career direction.
    • Things the Career Network Ministry does:
      1. Provide a weekly meeting for the pursuit of the ministry, as appropriate and available.
      2. Offer support, nurturance and advice to each participant.
      3. Provide consultation for skill development or job search development needs, tailored to participant needs.
      4. As appropriate (both in private consultation and at the meeting), provide training in networking skills, with access to relevant network sources in business, government, ministry, and not-for-profit organizations.
      5. Include Christian emphasis on conducting the career inquiry and selecting options.
      6. As available, provide follow-up and personal consultation.
    • Things the Career Network Ministry does not:
      1. Provide jobs or a comprehensive jobs list.
      2. Facilitate placement in employment.
      3. Provide network sources to ensure employment.
      4. Ensure that network sources are always supportive, relevant, or helpful to each individual’s search.
    • Things the participant agrees too:
      1. Approach network contacts with highest regard and courtesy, with no demand for employment.
      2. Respect the confidentiality of all participants in the meeting.
      3. Treat all prospective employers, network appointments and participants with dignity, honor and respect.
      4. Comply with the rules and procedures of the ministry, whether or not they have been stated on this form..
  5. Type my name as my signature.
  6. Click on the Agreed button and read, Your profile has been created. You are welcome to update it at any time and thank you!

Other requirements

User profile (brainstormed ideas)

# Field Description Feature
1 Systems-alias
2 Password
3 First-name
4 Family-name
5 Email Personal
6 Postal code
7 Cell-phone number
8 Non-text-phone number
9 MBC attendee List: yes, no, n/a
10 Target occupation List based on the occupation list: assistant, clerk, consultant, laborer, manager, operator, originator, service worker, specialist, technician, trades worker, Help me
11 Target specialty List: arts, finance, health, human development, information, law, marketplace, media, project, property administration, research, Help me
12 Career level List: vocation discovery, student, entry-level, specialist, subject matter expert, transitioning, Help me
13 Target industries List based on the CNM industry classification: raw materials, infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, digital, market exchange, enterprise support, public service, healthcare, human development, living-sustaining, Help me
14 Work authorization List: no work authorization, some work authorization, citizenship, veteran status, some clearance, top secret, Help me
15 Target employer type List: startup, for-profit, non-profit organization, federal government, local government, Help me
16 Target employer size List: minimal, small, medium, large, extra large, Help me
17 CNM agreement List: yes, no, n/a
18 LinkedIn profile
19 Meetup profile


  • Tom
  • Debbie
  • Bob K.
  • Bob P.

Admin management -- meetup model

Solution platform

The platform shall be open-source. Most likely, this would be a customer relationship management system -- SuiteCRM or CiviCRM. If the selected solution cannot accommodate user stories, the solution would be adjusted.