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CNM Linkup (previously known as CNM CRM and CNM Linkups; hereinafter, the Linkup) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for collecting, categorizing, grooming, and sharing of current and prospective customers' data, (b) the instance of CNM Linkupware that is installed on CNM EndUser Farm, and (c) the customer relationship management system (CRM system) that the CNM Cyber Team delivers as a CNM Cyber service.

This service is available to the general public after graduation from CNM Cyber Orientation.


Two purposes of the Linkup are:

  1. To support relationships of the Service patrons with their prospective employers and job-market intermediaries; and
  2. To extend customer information available to the WorldOpp Fellow Staff for its work with its stakeholders. The staffers use another customer relationship system, the one that belongs to CNM Venture, to manage their relationships with them.

Target audiences

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:


This Service is powered by CNM Linkupware.

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