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CNM Labware (hereinafter, the App) is the CNM app that is configured to power CNM Lab, LabHandsOn, or LabNext service of CNMCyber. The App is a combination of several commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software applications including Redmine for project management and Apache Subversion (SVN) for version control. All these applications are inter-connected through APIs. The App is a part of CNM Cloud.


The App is a combination of:

  1. Project management system, which enables development work and particularly includes help-desk software;
  2. Configuration management software, which enables versioning and revision control;
  3. A set of containers available for Careerprise contractors in order to be used in CNM Cloud Project;
  4. The most complete set of source codes used in CNM Cloud Project;
  5. Facility to store containers and source codes; and

The App is accessible at a classified URL through a PKI access.


The App is a combination of a Redmine instance, an Apache Subversion (SVN) instance, a set of codes used in CNM Cloud Project and dockers that are available to be used in this project; and storage space at Bitbucket with an added help-desk plugin that is run on CNM Farms.


CNM app Available to:
Everyone Everyone registered Customer Student Partner or contractor Employee Developer Admin
The App No No No No If needed If needed If needed Yes

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