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A CNM Cyber roundtable (previously known as a WorldOpp roundtable; hereinafter, the Event) is a CNM Cyber event of Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Community) organized by one or more CNM Cyber event hosts (hereinafter, the Host) in order to:

  1. Discuss any advancements for the Community in general, its CNM Cloud Project and WorldOpp Project in particular;
  2. Brainstorm solutions for the challenges that those advancements face in order to develop its operations especially:

Unless the Event is Invitation-only, the CNM Cyber Meetup group and WorldOpp fb-page serve as primary Communication channels (hereinafter, the Channels).



By default, the Host is a confirmed participant of any Event. Personally, the Host may identify, contact, and confirm those special guests who would be specially invited to the Event.


The agenda is proposed by future participants, CNMC DevOps Administrator, and/or the Host. Its official version shall be published at the designated Channel.

WorldOpp roundtable on August 29, 2018


Enterprise factors

Main wikipage: CNM Cyber event

Participants' needs

Any participant (a newbie, team member, and/or team administrator) needs to:
  1. Know when the Events occur and how he or she can participate in those;
  2. Be introduced to as much information as possible prior to the Event the interested individual decides to participate in;
  3. Ask questions and get answers first-hand;
  4. Review minutes and other documents if the interested individual misses the Event.

Staffers' needs

Any staffer (a team member, and/or team lead) needs to:
  1. Discuss any issues with my projects;
  2. Contribute to solutions for those projects that have been discussed.

Administrators' needs

Any administrator needs to:
  1. Know the obstacles the team faces in order to work on those;
  2. Know the general progress on the projects in order to report it.

Time details

Start time

No particular start time requirements exist; the Host decides what time is the best for the particular Event.


No length requirements have established yet. Some suggestions can be the following:
  1. From 45 minutes to one hour for online only Events;
  2. From one hour to 90 minutes for onsite Events.


When it is launched, will serve as the official calendar for the Events. The calendars of the Channels can be used temporarily as the calendars.



The designated Channel publishes all the announcement and notifications in order to serve as a hub and/or notice board to reach out to potential and actual participants.


The Wiki publishes all the content of the Event including its specific agenda, minutes and all available recordings at separate wikipages:
The recordings can also be published at YouTube in order to be available to the general public.

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