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CNM Cyber requirements (hereinafter, the Requirements) is a list of requirements for CNM Cyber. The Requirements were initially developed by Loredana C; the original version is posted at the CNM Cyber by Loredana C wikipage.

Product backlog

Cloud embryo

The following Requirements are developed and approved for the CNM Cloud Embryo‎‎:
  1. As any user of the World Wide Web (officially known as a NetAnyone in CNM Cloud), I shall be able to (1) access any page of CNM Cyber, (2) click the button that indicates getting-started with CNM Cyber (this button is also known as a CNM Get-Started Clickable), (3) get to the CNM Registration Form, (4) fill in my credentials including (a) system name (most commonly known as login), (b) password, and, (c) optionally, email address, (5) submit my credentials, and (6) get enrolled into the CNM Cyber Orientation while getting the student permissions at CNM Cert.
  2. As any learner enrolled into the CNM Cyber Orientation (officially known as someone who is granted the NetConsumer permissions in CNM Cloud), I shall be able to (1) complete the CNM Cyber Orientation and (2) get permissions associated with the Opplet role of the CertUser, or, more specifically, be able to act as:
  3. As the super-user of CNM Cloud (officially known as a NetAdmin in CNM Cloud), I shall be able to appoint any user to the FellowAdmin role, which shall allow its holders to get the most permissible roles in all CNM apps.

CNM registration

Some Requirements are prepared and waiting for their approval under the CNM Registration Project.

Next Server

The Requirements to the CNM Cloud Next are published at the CNM Cloud Next wikipage.

Ungroomed PBIs

Project Requirements

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