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The CNM Cyber Taskforce (hereinafter, the Taskforce) is the division of the CNM Cyber Team that (a) develops requirements for CNM Cyber, CNM Cloud, and CNM Digital Transformation and (b) groups CNM Cyber Coordinators.

Clarifying the requirements

The CNM DevOps Admin leads recruitment and retention of volunteers to develop requirements for CNM Cyber, CNM Cloud, and/or CNM Digital Transformation. These requirements shall be published at the wikipages related to one particular:

  1. Service of CNM Cyber or, more exactly, at one of the following pages: CNM Cabin, CNM Page, CNM Lab, CNM Venture, CNM Wiki, CNM Cert, CNM Mail, CNM Tube, CNM Talk, CNM Social, or CNM Linkup.
  2. Software of CNM Cloud or, more exactly, at one of the following pages: CNM Pageware, CNM Labware, CNM Ventureware, CNM MediaWiki, CNM Certware, CNM Mailware, CNM Tubeware, CNM Talkware, CNM Socialware, CNM Linkupware, or WorldOpp Middleware and CNM Farms.

As the main result of these operations, every page shall represent a complete set of requirements for a particular service or software. After the CNM Technology Board's approval, these requirements shall be implemented by the Friends Of CNM.

Particularly, the CNM DevOps Admin organizes CNM Cyber roundtables, CNM Cyber standups, and CNM Cyber seminars.

Carrying out of select operations

Although the overwhelming majority of DevOps shall be conducted by Friends Of CNM, the CNM DevOps Admin may perform the general oversight, particularly, to report to the CNM Technology Board. If some volunteer would like to take over select responsibilities, the CNM DevOps Admin can also reserve those responsibilities for that volunteer.

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