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CNM Cloud requirements (previously known as CNM software requirements and CNM app requirements) is the requirements specification for CNM Cloud (hereinafter, the Cloud).

Business requirements

Main wikipage: CNM Cyber requirements

Solution requirements

With regard to its solution requirements, the Cloud shall:
  • Enable:
    1. More than one language support. Depending on the local language preference of the main user.
    2. Frequent updating as need arises and/or new versions of utilized software are available.
    3. Copying of data from one page to another.
    4. Data backup by allowing automatic update as one works as well as creating copies offsite where it will be safe from theft or malfunction.
    5. Information sharing with in the team by sharing effortlessly.
    6. Growth planning as it is scalable and self managed by apps.
  • Provide file storage especially for large heavy files.
  • Allow integration of existing and new systems.

Ongoing tasks

  1. Monitor the Software for any problem and quickly respond to fix it.
  2. Make sure that the periodic backups are done and in complete health -- be ready to restore the Software as a drill upon request.
  3. Upgrade when a new stable version of the Software is available.
  4. Keep the Software fully updated with the latest patches and updates to prevent security problems and maintain performance.
  5. Make sure that the complete documentation and source files are maintained in CNM Lab.

New Software requirements

New end-user applications may be included in CNM Cloud on request if they comply with requirements as follows:

  1. Open-source
  2. The last stable version is no more than 2 years old.
  3. Implementation of reasonable safety recommendations.
  4. Ability to use identity and access management provided by CNM Cabin, including authorization and system-user roles, through OpenLDAP.

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