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CNM Cloud Usable (hereinafter, the Phase) is the third phase of CNM Cloud Project (hereinafter, the Project). The Phase goal is to upgrade all the software systems of CNM Cloud up to the sustainable minimum viable product (MVP) level. A team of developers (hereinafter, the Team) started working on that phase in January of 2020. CNM Cloud Embryo is the previous phase; CNM Cloud Secure is the successor one.

Deliverables of the Phase

The Team expects that the following deliverables indicate the end of the Phase.

Educational services

  1. Three courses of the onboarding process, the CNM Cyber Welcome Session, CNM Cyber Orientation, and CNM Cyber Placement, are fully up and running.
  2. One course, WorldOpp Bootcamp, has at least its minimum viable product (MVP) launched.
  3. One course, CNM LMS Bootcamp, is offered to partners and WorldOpp Bootcamp graduates.

Onboarded workforce

  1. The WorldOpp Fellow Staff has at least three employees, each of whom owns one of the suites, the CNM Action, Competency, or Work Suite.
  2. One WorldOpp incubator is fully staffed.
  3. Careerprise contractors run all the systems according to awarded contracts.

Usable systems

  1. All the systems of CNM Cyber, including CNM Talk, shall be:
    • Available at,,,, and hostnames.
    • Installed and be ready to be used by the end-users.
    • Safe. All the systems shall use the latest stable versions of software with conventionally recommended patches applied. All the hostnames shall be protected by SSL certificates.
    • Using the same databases of customers and users.
  2. CNM Cabin automatically:
  3. CNM Mail automatically provides a CertUser with an email address in the format.



The following people work on the Phase:
The Team needs, of course, much more software development but cannot hire more software developers because of documented requirements' shortage and undeveloped recruitment and retaining processes. That's the primary call for the Coordinators.


The following stakeholders expressed their interest in the CNM Cloud Project and receive project updates:
  • Atif, primary contractor in waiting for new requirements.
  • B., China project client.

Up-to-date story

The Phase inherited practically a minimum viable product (MVP) of CNM Cyber with all, but CNM Talk, systems installed, up, and running. However, the general public couldn't still use the plugged in systems because of lack of content and usable solutions.

Welcome Session

In early January, an minimum viable product (MVP) of the CNM Cyber Welcome Session was drafted at CNM Wiki and launched at CNM Cert. By early-March, the first two graduates, Mariam and Kevin, started onboarding.
By mid-April, a marketable product of the Course was designed. The new text drafts and images were developed. Three missing pieces left were (a) videos, (b) quiz questions, and (c) edited texts.


In December of 2018 and January of 2019, a minimum viable product (MVP) of the CNM Cyber Orientation was drafted at CNM Wiki. Its videos were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Kevin was close to launch its first session, CNM Essentials, in mid-February of 2019, but the unresolved challenge was how to enroll prospect learners.
As the body of knowledge that would be required to possess, the Orientation looked complicated; most of CNM Cyber end-users don't really need that complexity. So, the Orientation was never operational at CNM Cert during the CNM Cloud Embryo phase.
To address the challenge, the Team decided to create a simpler course addressing CNM Cyber only and substitute all the Orientation quizzes with surveys, so Orientation would serve the purpose of collecting user data in addition to its educational purposes.
So, the current Phase started with launching the CNM Cyber Welcome Session as a standalone course. By mid-April, the CNM Cyber content was transferred from the Orientation to the new course. An updated version of the Orientation was drafted and the team of Mariam and Kevin started working on its renewed minimum viable product (MVP).


In early April, Gary Ihar launched a new sprint for the WorldOpp fellow wikipage, which now served as a set of target KSAs for the CNM Cyber Placement's graduates.

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