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CNM Cert (previously known as CNM Campus and CNM Certs; hereinafter, the Cert) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for learning and certification management, (b) the instance of CNM Certware that is installed on CNM EndUser Farm, and (c) the learning management system that the CNM Cyber Team delivers as a CNM Cyber service.

Technology used

The System is built on the CNM Certware. Being a part of CNM Cloud, this software particularly includes:

  1. One instance of Moodle, which is e-learning software; and
  2. One instance of KSA Certs, which is the special part of that handles examination questions.


Target audiences

The Cert targets the same audiences that CNM Cyber does. Particularly,
  1. Workers shall be able to access paid courses and exams, as well as those courses and exams that are available to the general public at no charge.
  2. Vetted job-market intermediaries such as educational institutions, the enterprises that are involved in outsourced recruitment, and those government organizations, non-profit corporations, and social groups which goal is assistance to workers, employers, or both shall be able to use the Cert in order to deliver their services through the Cert.
  3. Employers shall be able to take advantages of training and assessment that the Cert provides.

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:

Problems to be solved

Our team launched its first learning management system as early as in 2012. Several courses such as HTML, Web Dev Fast Track, and MS Excel were once posted there. The most popular course was PMP Bootcamp, but the real boost our renewed system got in 2018, when it was used by students of one university in China.

CNM Campus is the system's previous name. However, the new vision is that the whole CNM Cloud will serve as the learning campus, so the learning management system's name has changed.

The system can support any learning activities especially those that are resulted in some tests and examinations. For now, we plan to publish there our team's orientation (its outline is currently published at CNM Cyber Orientation, but our team is really waiting for your input for what should be there, who will put and use it, and how the system shall work.

With your help, we may design CNM Cert to help to identify and close training and learning gaps. Theoretically, it can also serve other educational organizations and employers -- if you are not aware, learning management systems today are more used by corporations rather than by schools.

Plugins to be considered

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