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CNMCyber community (previously spelled CNM Cyber community; hereinafter, the Community) is any community space of Certified CNM Cyber Users (CCNMCUs) at CNM Social. The Community members interact and collaborate in order to achieve some vocational, career, and/or employment objectives that the Group has identified.

Any CCNMCU can initiate the new Community to exchange career-oriented information and, possibly, services, among the members of that group. Any CNM friend. CCNMCUs may also or apply for joining the existing Community; however, any Community defines the rules for their members and member candidates.


The Groups' objectives can be related to a particular industry, occupation, workforce services, their combinations and/or technology that may support one or more of those.

Network Groups

There are two types of the Groups depending on their objectives, particularly:
  1. Industry councils that group those Friends who share their industries;
  2. Professional committees that group those Friends who share their occupations.
The members of the network Groups may exchange career-oriented information and/or services among the members of that Group, as well as to build some body of knowledge and/or support based on that exchange and collaboration.

Taskforce Groups

Joint Groups and boards that can be described as groups of groups and that may consist of several teams themselves such as:


The Friends Of CNM may provide the Group with resources sufficient for the Group's functioning. All the Groups form a career-oriented network of the Friends Of CNM.

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